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April '02

We had hoped to get a newsletter out every couple months but as you  can see it's more like every 6 months. We'll try to update the site on a more regular basis in the future so be sure to stop back.  We have been keeping busy with the boy's sporting events and a couple small outings since our last posting.  Hopefully we can get everyone caught up below.

Zach played baseball through the summer with basically the same kids as last year.  They had another good year winning a couple local tournaments and taking 2nd at nationals in San Diego.  Zach got to pitch the championship game and left in the 7th inning with a 4-3 lead but unfortunately the lead didn't hold and they eventually lost.  Check out Zach's home page for pictures and more specifics on the San Diego trip. 

Cody played baseball through the beginning of summer as well with a group of boys he's been playing with for a long time.  It's basically the same group of boys Coach Charlie and Mike coached in T-ball and Little League.  They ended the season around 500 but enjoyed each others company and antics in the dug out the most.  This will probably be Cody's last year for baseball, he wants to focus on football in the coming years.

Speaking of football both boys played this fall on their respective Skyline HS teams, Zach on Varsity/JV and Cody on Freshman.  Cody's team ended the season undefeated at 9-0 and he was awarded the offensive lineman of the year for the freshman.  Cody definitely enjoys football, it allows him to take out his aggression without getting in trouble.

Zach missed about half the season with a sore elbow on his throwing arm.  At one point we thought he had a bone spur but after getting a second opinion from a couple specialist, we decided to just rest it.  That seems to have done the trick, he was able to play the last half of the season with virtually no soreness.  The varsity team made it back to state but lost in the quarter finals last week ending their state run.

Basketball season is just starting up which Zach is playing, Cody has decided to spend his time after school in the weight room trying to become a prototype Nebraska lineman (as much as these guys eat, they should weigh 5000 lbs!!!).

As far as school, Zach is a Junior and Cody is a Freshman at Skyline.  It's nice they both go to the same school and Zach can drive (definitely cuts down on the commuting back and forth).  They had a late start this year because of a teachers strike but after a slow start they both seem to be back in the swing of things.  Zach is start to think about college and the dreaded SATs.  He hasn't decided what he wants to be when he grows up but we always keep a McDonald's application around just in case. 

We (Lisa and Mike) went on an outing this summer to play the Pebble Beach Golf Course in Monterey, California.  Ron, Kay (his wife) and Larry headed down for a long weekend and stayed at the Pebble Beach resort itself.  We played 2 courses during our stay, Spyglass and Pebble Beach and had great time (actually didn't lose that many balls).  Both courses were extremely tough with several holes playing along the water.  This is probably the prettiest golf courses we've played, highly recommend for the golf enthusiast out there (see photo album).

Harlan and Marian drove out from Iowa this fall to return some of the many treasures we had stored at their house through the years.  We told them to just keep it but they were bound and determined to return all these long lost items to their rightful owners.  It's always nice to have family visit and catch-up for lost time .  We did some golfing, walked around Pikes Place Market in Seattle, caught a Seahawks game and played several card games of 65 (we still have several of Harlan's quarters on the window sill which we'll display proudly until he returns).  

We also had the privilege of hosting some close high school friends in September.  Jeff & Kathy Gregerson and Jeff & Lisa Burns flew out to play some golf, shop and just relax.  We spent the weekend catching up and talking about the good old days (finished a few beers along the way as well).  I think the boys (Zach and Cody) enjoyed the reminiscing the most, they got to hear of all the brilliant things their dad did in his high school days.  The time went quickly as it always does but vowed we would get together again in the coming years to continue looking back to the good old days.

Well, this should hopefully catch everyone up, check out the photo albums for pictures and other activities we've been up to.

Happy Holidays !!!!