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Zach Photos
Spartan BaseBall '02
State Baseball '02

We now have a new dog, Emma, and she is a god in this house.   She has her own bed but likes to jump into bed with any one that will let her.  We all love her very much.  Basketball went well this year.  We had a good team and won most of our games.  

Baseball is coming up and I canít wait to get started!  School baseball starts when we come back from break. I canít wait till summer comes, but I am loving the snow in the mountains. Whistler has been great every time we have gone so far and canít wait to go back. I will be getting my license soon and canít wait so all other people on the road be aware.

The past few months has been very difficult for me, our family, and all my friends, with the devastating loss of a best friend Josh Williams.  He was the best friend anyone could ever have.  He was loved and liked by everyone.   He touched many peoples lives and has changed many of them too.  I am honored to have Josh as one of my best friends and I will miss him very much.  

In Loving Memory of Josh Williams

August 7, 1985Ė January 21, 2002