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Winter/Spring '02
Summer/Fall '02

I have changed my lifestyle over the past year.  I moved to Washington State in October 2001.  Life here is good!  My new family thinks Iím the princess of the house and Iíve learned to get what I want, when I want it.

My Mom is home all day with me and she usually takes me wherever she goes.  At least 3 days a week we go on a field trip to the dog park or to the nature path on Lake Sammamish.  Itís a lot of fun but I usually get very muddy and have to have a bath, yuk! 

On school days we are in and out of the car constantly but I donít mind, as long as I get to go!  I donít like to be left alone at home so I soon figured out when my family is heading out the door, I push to be first out the door and I get the best seat in the car.

Bed time is great.  I have a bed on the floor in my Mom and Dadís bedroom.  I usually get to lay in bed with them until we shut the lights out.  If Iím lucky they fall asleep and I get to sleep in bed all night long!  Even if Iím awake I never open my eyes hoping they will think Iím so cute, they wonít wake me to put me on my bed.  I have also figured out that if I sit on Momís side of the bed and stare at her (sometimes lick her hand) during the night she letís me get in bed, itís so easy!

I have a nice big yard and pasture to run in.  I usually spend part of my day making sure no birds are in any of the bushes.  Itís a tough job as the bird feeders are always full.  But Iíll never give up!   Now, the deer are a different story!   Working the pasture and the woods is exhausting but Iím determined never to let the deer rest.  Occasionally they leave little packages in the pasture that I roll in for camouflage (color/smell).  It works great, but Mom isnít to thrilled when I do this, it means one of those bathís that I mentioned earlier.

I also have a lot of fun when the boys use the batting cage.  When they hit the balls I steal them, for some reason when I do this it makes them chase me around the pasture.

Check out my photos, of how I spend my days.