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April '02
Nov '02

Happy Holidays to everyone, hopefully you remembered to send my gift early this year (I'm still waiting for last years :-).  Be sure to check the rest of the web site and photos to see what everyone has been up to.  We've added several pictures in the various areas listed above so check it out.

I've been pretty busy at work with hopes of releasing a beta preview of our product after the first of the year.  Unfortunately getting the last 5% done takes 90% of the time.  No matter how much you plan, there are always the unexpected gotchas that show up.  I just hope I didn't forget something. 

Lisa and I have been keeping busy with sporting events, both boys played football and Zach is currently doing basketball.  We're hoping to get up to Whistler over the holidays to play in the snow but that's going to depend on basketball schedules.  The team had planned on playing at a tournament in Hawaii but this has fallen through at the last minute.  It would actually be nice to just stay home and do nothing. 

We started on some outdoor projects this fall and have been without a driveway for the last couple weeks (as luck would have it, it's been raining ever since).  Lisa has been busy trying to keep the mud out but it's a losing battle with Emma and the boys.  Hopefully they'll be pouring concrete next week so we'll have everything put back together for Christmas (this is Lisa's one Christmas wish).

Well, Lisa is starting up the vacuum again so I need to move.  Have a festive holiday season and prosperous new year.  Hopefully we can see more of everyone in the coming year.  Take care until next time.