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" The Winning Team "

Zach's summer baseball team qualified for the national USSSA tournament in Winter Haven, Florida in July so we decided to make a vacation out of it and take the whole family.  We went down prior to the tournament to spend some time at Disney World and check out the sites.  We visited all the parks, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, MGM and Treasure Island.  This is the first time we had been to the parks and where truly amazed at the size, it's enormous and still growing.  We spent 4-5 days just at the various amusement parks and still didn't get to see everything (I guess we'll have to go back).

Denny and Jan joined us for part of the outing and had great time playing cards, golfing, riding rides and watching baseball games.  The tournament was held in Winter Haven (about 30 miles South of Orlando) which is where the Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers hold their spring training.  So the facilities where great and some very good teams from throughout the country.

Zach plays on a team named the Washington Baseball Systems which ironically played a team from Ankeny, Iowa the very first game.  This was one of the best pitching duals in the tournament with Zach's team winning 1-0 in extra innings.  They proceeded to win the next 3 games and came out of the first round of the tournament with the number one seed.  This placed them in the the 16 team championship bracket.  They played brilliantly over the next 4 days with many close games and calls.  At one point they played 3 games in one day to keep their hopes alive.  When the dust settled, they finished 3rd in the nation capping another very successful year which we're extremely proud of.  Check out the photos at the left for pictures of all the action.